Perfect Pecan Brownies

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February 16, 2013 by Flora Dawn

Perfect Pecan Brownies Directions:

  1. Preheat oven to 350. Generously butter or oil an 8×8 square pan (for easiest removal and cleanup line with parchment paper).
  2. In  a medium bowl, whisk together the cornstarch, cocoa, cinnamon, espresso powder, and salt. In a large microwave safe bowl, combine the butter and chocolate chips and heat in 30 second intervals, stirring often, until melted and smooth.  Stir in sugar and vanilla. Add eggs, on at a time, stirring after each addition. Stir in dry ingredients and mix until well blended. Stir in pecans and pour into prepared pan, spreading batter evenly to the edges if necessary.
  3. Bake in preheated oven until a toothpick tests almost clean when inserted into the center, about 35 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Cut into 16 pieces and enjoy.



perfect pecan brownies 3


I wanted to make something chocolatey and decadent for Valentine’s Day, but I really wanted something easy. And I am not a planner. I had to spend the afternoon at my daughter’s gymnastics in the viewing area with a bunch of crazy toddlers, followed by a “quick trip” to the supermarket.

Well, apparently Valentine’s Day around 4 pm is not the time to make a quick trip to the store. I found myself in a sea of men, all trying to locate the perfect flowers and chocolates. They were, not me. I was trying to locate oyster sauce for a stir-fry beef and broccoli recipe, but I left empty-handed (but that is another post).

By the time  I arrived home I was in no mood to deal with a complicated gluten-free dessert recipe and the five alternative flours that I would have to locate. I had seen a recipe from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Foods for gluten-free brownies with no flours, just a small amount of cornstarch and regular brownie ingredients. I decided to give the recipe a try, making modest changes of course.

These brownies are super thick, fudgy, and full of pecans. I am sure they would be a hit with all the chocolate lovers in your life, including those that eat gluten. And best of all, the recipe is easy. How many times do you get say that about a gluten-free dessert?

Seriously, forget the expensive gluten-free brownie mixes, this recipe is one of the best brownie recipes I have made.

My kids have nut (and egg) allergies, so I made these for my husband and myself, but I do think they would be okay nut-free. I would probably opt to stir in 1 cup of baking chips or chopped candy in place of the pecans though, just to give them that extra-special touch they would be missing without the pecans.

I know there are a lot of gluten-free recipes out there that promise to deliver thick, fudgy and delicious brownies. But, somehow they fall short.  This is one gluten-free brownie recipe that really does deliver. I know everyone has a  slightly different opinion of what makes the ideal brownie; but today’s post truly is my version of the Perfect Pecan Brownie!

Happy gluten-free baking.

perfect pecan brownies 2






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