Gluten-Free Easter Ideas

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April 3, 2012 by Flora Dawn


Supposedly spring has sprung already, but here in the Pacific Northwest you can hardly tell. In fact last week we had snow. But somewhere through the grey clouds and rain showers, the flowers are beginning to bloom and I am optimistic the sun will eventually shine. Ready or not, Easter is just around the corner.

Today, I thought it would be fun to post a few of my favorite springtime recipes. I hope you enjoy the ideas.

If you are looking for some easy gluten-free Easter ideas I have a free e-book I posted last spring. It’s called Easter Entertaining, but the recipes can be used year round. It contains over a dozen, simple and delicious recipes that I have used for entertaining over the years.

If you need an edible craft to make with the kids, these easy bird nests are sure to please. If you aren’t a fan of Peeps, you can leave them out and they are still super cute.

And one of my kids’ favorite recipe is for lemonade. It’s so simple and way better than any of those powder mixes.

While technically strawberries aren’t available locally until mid-summer, berries are availableĀ  in many regions in Spring, so chances are you can get some at the grocery store. I love that this version of Strawberry cupcakes contains no jello or food coloring, just lot of fresh berries. It can easily be made into a cake if you prefer.


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