Friday Failure- Red, White, & Blue Cupcakes

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November 11, 2011 by Flora Dawn

Sometimes I feel rather inadequate as a home baker when I see all these beautiful, well staged, food photos on the Internet (mostly on other food blogs). Not only does it make me feel less than talented in the kitchen, but with the camera as well (not to mention photoshop, which I have never even used, but I digress).

However, I do try hard to post delicious and appetizing food, but today I thought I would share with you one of my more recent food failures. Yep, I have them too. Probably as often as you, maybe even more. I bake and cook a lot, like every meal we eat, so that gives me plenty of opportunity for successes…and unfortunately failures.

Today’s feature failure was created in honor of yesterday being the United State Marine Corp’s 236th birthday and of course, Veteran’s Day today. You see, my husband is a Marine, so I thought it would be fun to make a patriotic dessert and when I saw red, white, and blue cupcakes in a gluten-free cookbook recently I felt all set.

Well, let’s just say they weren’t so great. I should have realized the idea was flawed from the beginning.

Basically you make a white cake, divide the batter into three and add raspberry puree to 1/3, blueberry puree to 1/3 and leave the remaining third white. Okay, so if you have every baked with berries you know that these berries turn the batter pink and purple, not red and white. Even with a good dose of food coloring, they were definitely not red, white and blue.

Now my four year old might have thought purple, white, and pink cupcakes were cute, but my favorite Marine, in honor of the Corp’s birthday, not so much. And truth be told, my four year old took one bite and spit it out. Not even the pretty colors were fooling her, these were bad.

Then, there’s the flavor of the finished cupcakes…not so good. Without the berries I can’t even imagine what it would have tasted like. And then there was the texture, dry, crumbly and all things stereotypically wrong with gluten-free baked goods.

So, next time you make a really bad gluten-free baked good, that ends up in the trash, just remember, we’ve all been there and done that too. Or at least I have, more times than I care to admit (or post for that matter).

So, here’s to a happy holiday season, may we all have many more gluten-free baking successes than failures!




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