Can-It-Forward Day


August 12, 2011 by Flora Dawn

Perhaps it’s my love of all things retro (well, and all things food), but I was super excited when I read about the first ever national Can-It-Forward Day. Whether you are a veteran canner or a novice, there is so much to learn about preserving food, and that’s why gardeners, cooks, and the people at Jarden Home Brands (Ball & Kerr) and Canning Across America joined to together to create this excitingl event.

There will be how-to demonstrations streaming live form Seattle’s Pike Place from 8am til 4pm this Saturday, August 13 at And viewers can even ask questions and post comments. How cool is that?

They are also encouraging people to join in the action and can at home this weekend. And although preserving food is lots of fun, I’ll be honest, it’s also a little work. Okay, so maybe a LOT of work, depending one what you choose to preserve. So getting a couple friends or family members together and hosting a Canning Party is highly suggested.

Speaking of canning, I should note that my mom is a master preserver. Throughout my childhood, as summer drew to a close, her real work would just begin. Well water, small (non-air conditioned) kitchens, kids and pets underfoot, it didn’t matter, that food got processed. These visions of my mom and her best friend, fruit stained, sweating, and hauling hot pressure cookers across the kitchen have stayed with me for years; and has kept me away from experimenting too much with canning.

However, I have enjoyed, freezing, drying, and pickling; and they seem less of a hassle (or a danger). However, as I get older, and perhaps wiser, I realize the value in knowing where you food comes from and the importance of knowing what’s really in it. Not to mention the joy you have in the December when you open a jar of produce that you personally picked and canned at it’s peak so many months before!

So this year I am going to join the movement and do some canning. I hope you’ll join me and learn about canning this weekend. Go to for more details!


3 thoughts on “Can-It-Forward Day

  1. Stink, I didnt’ know about this event this weekend or I would have planned a canning post! I love canning, actually, and I don’t find it that much work when done in small batches, which is all I do. Particularly jam, I love canning jam!

  2. Ilene says:

    Flora, although canning in large amounts is hard work, it is one canner
    at a time, or one water bath at a time. You right, about using some food
    canned food in Dec that you have put up a few months earlier.
    I have canned for years and am thankful that my mother in-law and others
    helped me, and thus in turn I have taught my own girls and many other
    women to put up so much good healthy food. Your pickles look great.

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