Menu Plan 5/16-5/22

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May 15, 2011 by Flora Dawn

After taking a small hiatus from menu planning, I am back with a menu plan this week. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks at my house, and although I realize menu plans are supposed to be just the thing you need during chaos, I disagree.

It is much easier for me to whip up a quick stir fry, a salad, or an impromptu pasta sauce, than it is to make some “scheduled” complicated meal. Of course, maybe that is my problem; when I plan my meals, I am a bit more ambitious with what’s for dinner that week. Maybe I should stick to simpler things, but there are so many great recipes to try…

I must say I tried two new recipes this last week, and they were both complete failures. Let’s just say chorizo sausage is way too spicy for my crowd and my “new recipe” resulted¬† in us eating yogurt, baby carrots, and leftover scraps of a roasted chicken…not one of my best meals. Even my four year old looked around and said, “this isn’t my favorite dinner.”

So, here’s my menu plan, and here’s hoping that there are no disasters; I enjoy yogurt, but not as my main course!


Fried Rice (meatless)



Chicken Tortilla Soup


Wednesday (our anniversary, so a nicer than normal weeknight meal):

Rib-Eyes with Red Wine Pan Sauce

twice baked potato

Chocolate Espresso Pudding





Roasted Chicken


Baked Pasta & Salad



Menu Plan Monday


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