Potatoes as a soup thickener

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April 14, 2011 by Flora Dawn

The humble potato, so unpretentious and yet so versatile. And typically inexpensive too!

Well, today I am posting a cooking tip that I think gives us even one more reason to love potatoes. Did you know potatoes can be used to thicken soups?

If you need to thicken a soup, you can simply add a peeled and finely diced russet potato into the pot. It’ll need to simmer long enough for the potato to break down, around 15-20 minutes. Puree the soup and you’ll have a thick, smooth soup without the extra calories and fat of cream, or the need to replace “flour” with some gluten-free thickener.

Although this isn’t a smooth, pureed soup, Baked Potato Soup gets it’s great, thick texture from the potatoes falling apart and releasing their starches.

Next time you need to thicken a soup, don’t forget about our humble friend the potato; it’s a smart choice, both calorie and flavor wise.




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