Lime Tortilla Chips

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March 19, 2011 by Flora Dawn

Tortilla chips are a favorite at my house. They are great for chips and salsa, or as a topping for taco salad, taco soup, or chili.

So when I read how to make Lime Tortilla Chips I had to give it a try. This method would also work if you want to make baked tortilla chips (a healthy alternative to the store-bought, fried variety). You could add the lime juice when they are hot out of the oven.

My kids really enjoyed that we could adjust the lime flavor; we opted for a “hint of lime” flavor, as opposed to the really strong lime flavor that typically comes with lime tortilla chips. We also used blue chips, which the lime juice actually discolored. If you have picky eaters, you might want to use white or yellow corn, so their are no funny lime juice stains.

A lime quartered.

A bowl of Chicken & Bean soup with Lime Tortilla Chips!

Lime Tortilla Chips

We use 1/4 lime per baking sheet of chips; but for a stronger lime taste, use more.

  • tortilla chips
  • 1 lime, quartered
  1. Preheat oven to 350. Place some of the tortilla chips on each baking sheet; they can overlap some, but try to have mostly a single layer. Bake until hot, but not browned; about 5 minutes.
  2. Squeeze the juice from one lime section oven each baking sheet of hot tortilla chips. Allow to cool before eating.



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