That’s the way the bread crumbles…?


February 25, 2011 by Flora Dawn

Today’s post is especially for my teenage daughter, whom I made a special egg-free, gluten-free loaf of bread for recently. You see, when I first started blogging, she had the idea that should have a regular series of “Friday Failures,” featuring all of my gluten-free baked goods gone wrong.

I agree “Friday Failures” might be humorous, but it’s also a bit embarrassing and depressing to announce my epic failures on a weekly basis.

Sure, every cooks has the occasional “not gonna be making that recipe again” kinda days. But with gluten-free cooking, it’s a bit more extreme; sometimes things explode in the oven, sink in the middle, crumble like bits of Styrofoam, or just feel like a brick. But if you bake gluten-free you probably know this already.

So, gluten-free, egg-free bread isn’t always so pretty. Here is my latest attempt without a mix. Really, it tasted ok, but it was like a brick. There is actually yeast in this thing. I think it deflated while cooking. In all my years baking bread, I have never experienced anything quite like this.

Just thought you’d all like to see that cooking with food issues is challenging for all of us. And my food is not always edible. Well, I guess technically it was edible, but it certainly wasn’t enjoyable.

At least I have a food processor so we had bread crumbs in no time.

No it's not banana bread. This is egg-free/gluten-free bread gone awry.

The fate of the bread...crumbs!


5 thoughts on “That’s the way the bread crumbles…?

  1. Lynn says:

    I think we have all had gluten free loaves gone bad. I am sure the egg free makes it even more challenging. I did have to laugh though because i was thinking that was banana bread before I even got to the part that you mentioned it wasn’t. And you are right gluten free bread gone bad makes great bread crumbs.

  2. Evie R. says:

    Is that the flax meal that gives it the “banana flecks” look? Good thing you looked at the positive and made bread crumbs. I’m sure those will come in handy, too 🙂

  3. Flora says:

    @Evie R.
    Yes, I tried to replace the eggs with flaxseed meal 🙂

  4. Rhonda says:

    I thought your GF breads were always perfect and was beginning to get a complex 😉 I have had this happen several times when ‘winging it’ and ended up with door stops, too. Oh well- as you say, bread crumbs!

  5. Dineen says:

    I’ve had a loaf (or two) look like that even not baking gluten free with a crazy bread maker.

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