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December 30, 2010 by Flora Dawn

Do you ever wonder what ends up in the grocery cart, and ultimately on the table, of other gluten free cooks? Well, I do. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite gluten free brands and hopefully you’ll let me know if I missed any of yours.

Tinkyada Pasta: Rice Pasta, cooks up fairly well and tastes great.

Goldbaum’s Natural Food Co.: So far we have just tried the pasta, but it was a hit so I am eager to find more of their products, especially the ice cream cones!

Crunchmaster: These are our absolute favorite gf crackers. The taste great and offer a variety of flavors.

Kettle Chips: Seriously good potato chips. They are everything a potato chips should be (flavorful, crispy, and wonderful) without all the weird ingredients and preservatives.

Food Should Taste Good: Like the name implies, this company makes some really good chips, in a variety of flavors.

Bob’s Red Mill: I love Bob’s Red Mill. And it is not an understatement to say that  I would be lost without their products. I have been purchasing Bob’s products for years, really without much thought; but now that we are gluten free, I no longer take this local gem for granted. With the exception of fine rice flour and yeast, I believe I buy only Bob’s Red Mill baking products and hot cereals. Crazy I know. But they are very reliable, local, and certified gluten free.

Authentic Foods: They make a variety of baking products and mixes, but I have only tried the flours. I really do love their superfine brown rice flour. My only complaint is how hard it is to find and shipping is outrageous. If you can get it local I would definitely give it a try.

SAF Yeast: This is my favorite yeast, very inexpensive, always reliable, and no need to proof. I can find it in some grocery stores, but can also be purchased online.

San-J: This company makes soy sauce and other Asia-inspired sauces, dressings and products. Thankfully, they have a large selection of gluten free products! This is my go-to brand for gf soy sauce.

Thai Kitchen: This company offers a wide array of Thai products that are gluten free, everything from coconut milk to rice noodles. And they are easy to find at most grocery stores. My kids are particularly fond of the rice noodle soup bowls. And although we don’t buy them often, they are a great product to take to a friend’s house (often others are intimidated by the need to cook gf, so we send our own food). They have a diet/allergy section on  their website that clearly indicates allergy information for all their products.

Erewhon Cereals: These cold cereals taste great. This company makes some gluten containing products as well, however, they clearly mark the front of the boxes Gluten-Free for the varieties that are. Our family favorite is the Strawberry Crisp.

Nature’s Path: This company offers a variety of gluten free cereals, especially popular is the EnviroKids products. Definitely targeted at the younger audience, they are sure to make a kid feel a little less upset going down the dreaded cereal aisle. These boxes are hard to miss, with lively colors and fun cereal names, like Leapin Lemurs. We think they are a bit sweet for breakfast, but my kids to enjoy them dry for snacks occasionally.

Chex: So glad to have Chex gluten free in so many varieties. There is a certain comfort in knowing you can go into almost any grocery store in the nation and get a box of Chex. And let’s be honest, a party just isn’t a party with Chex Party Mix or Muddy Buddies 🙂

Any favorites I missed?


2 thoughts on “Some Favorite Brands

  1. CeliacMom says:

    The best brownie mix I have ever had is from Really Great Food Company. I always serve them to my non-GF friends and they can’t tell the difference. They ar surprised to learn they are gluten free because they taste so good 🙂

    They only sell their products through their website and catalog. A few ties a year they will hac sales and offer shipping discounts. I usually order a few times per year and keep a supply on hand.
    Their banana bread mix and cake mixes are fantastic too!

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