Yeast for Baking

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November 15, 2010 by Flora Dawn

I am not going to lie, baking gluten free is a bit complicated. To get consistent results, I have found it helps to consistently use the same brand of products.

Coarse rice flour will yield much different results than superfine rice flour. And as noted by many cookbooks authors, tapioca flours taste widely different depending on brand.

So, although I have no affiliation with this company, I figured it might be helpful for my readers to know what brand of yeast I always use- SAF Red Instant Yeast.

SAF yeast is from France’s Lesaffre Yeast Corporation and I have read it is the top-selling yeast worldwide; used by professionals and home bakers alike. It is extremely inexpensive, and a 1 lb or 2 lb bag should last literally months or years (it can be stored in the freezer for longer, which is what I do).

I find SAF yeast to simply out perform the supermarket brands, and perhaps the best part, it can be added directly to the dry or wet ingredients. This means you don’t have to “proof” the yeast. In many of my yeast bread recipes, you will notice that I add the yeast in along with the flours, if you are using traditional yeast, this will not work. You can also use the SAF yeast just as you would any active dry yeast.

If you are going to bake more than the occasional yeast bread, I really think it will be worth it to buy a bag (I read a 1 lb bag will yield 96 loaves of bread!). It is inexpensive, reliable, fast-acting, and really convenient to use.

It is available in some supermarkets, King Arthur Flour or Amazon. I am able to find it locally at a discount-style grocery store (you know, the bag your own grocery type) but I am guessing that if you ask your favorite grocery store manager, they could order you some.

Happy Baking.


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