School Lunch Safety

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May 19, 2010 by Flora Dawn

Today I am not posting a recipe or kitchen hint, I just couldn’t let this topic go unmentioned.

“Come fall, the ground beef used in school lunches will be as safe as ground beef sold to the nation’s fast food chains — a major improvement, critics say.” USA Today

These changes are coming due to a USA Today investigation that revealed some major concerns.

Here is the full article.

Okay, am I the only one this scares? The meat in our school lunch program didn’t have strict rules. It was not held to the same regulations as restaurants or grocery stores. YUCK!

My kids aren’t in public school, so maybe I shouldn’t get all worked up about these things, but food safety is really important.

I think it is disgusting the food we serve via the school lunch program, a program that is supposed to provide a nutritional and I assumed, safe meal for school children, many of which get these lunches free or at reduced costs.

And given the state of the economy, I would guess this would be the one “good” meal many of these children even get.

I just find it frustrating. Especially given that fact that people die every year from food borne illnesses in this country, many of which are children. How many salmonella or E.coli outbreaks do we have to have before we make major overhauls?

I guess it’s a step in the right direction, just really scary that these regulations weren’t already in place and it took journalists to even initiate change.

I think Jamie Oliver is really on to something, our school lunch program needs a serious Food Revolution.


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