Dutch Baby Pancake


May 17, 2010 by Flora Dawn

Throughout childhood we had a Christmas morning breakfast tradition.

My mom would always bring a large, puffed pancake to the table. Hidden underneath were cinnamon and sugar spiced apples. She would scoop into it and the pancake would deflate. She would then dust each piece with confectioners’ sugar before giving it to us.

It was much fancier and sweeter than our typical breakfast fare. And definitely more dramatic.

We always referred to this dish as Dutch Baby Pancake however they are also called German Pancakes, and most likely are a variation of a German breakfast dish.

A Seattle restaurant claims to have created this hybrid pancake-popover, however, I am not sure when the addition of apples became popular.

I like to use my freezer apple pie filling in this recipe, making it a very easy weekend breakfast or brunch item. However, you could use canned apple pie filling (not sure which brands are gf) or simply saute up some sliced apples with some butter and cinnamon and sugar.

The only change I needed to make to my regular recipe was use my favorite gluten free flour blend (that has xanthan gum in it). I know a lot of people dislike flour blends, but I really think this blend can be used interchangeably with all-purpose flour in most recipes and I can assure you, it definitely works in this one!

So next time you need a special breakfast dish, consider making an Apple Dutch Baby. Your family or guests will surely be impressed.

Hot apple pie filling

Batter poured over hot skillet/apples.

Hot out of the oven and starting to deflate.

An inverted slice of the Dutch Baby.

Gluten Free Dutch Baby Pancake You could skip the fruit altogether, although I think apples and pancakes are a winning combination. Make sure both the oven and the skillet are hot or the pancake will not puff properly.

  1. Preheat oven to 400.
  2. Pour apple pie filling into 10-12 inch cast iron skillet (You could use another metal, oven-proof dish here) and place in oven until hot, about 10 minutes.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, and flour blend until smooth. Remove skillet from oven and pour egg mixture over the apples. Return to oven and bake 20-25 minutes or until puffed and golden brown.
  4. To serve, slice into wedges (I like to invert the slices so the apple side is up) and dust with confectioners’ sugar.


Gluten-Free Wednesdays



3 thoughts on “Dutch Baby Pancake

  1. Lynn says:

    I am guessing that any can of pie filling would work. My husband does not like apple pie filling, but I think this might be good with a can of store bought peach or other pie filling. Or even better a make your own berry pie filling. Do you think that would work?

  2. Flora says:

    I have only tried apples and pears, but peaches sound really good. I think you could also just bake the pancake by itself and serve berries or chunky applesauce with it.

  3. Ilene says:

    Hi Flora,
    Just read this post. I have made these for years, and think just
    about any filling would do, that is if the filling is not too
    much liquid. That is why I have done the apple and cinnamon with
    some sugar. Preaches would be great with little or some liquid but
    they can be real juicy and they may not work as well. These are just
    about great any way you eat them. Glad to know you found one that
    is gluten free.

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