Jules’ Gluten Free e-book Giveaway

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April 24, 2010 by Flora Dawn

Jules Shepard is the author of two books, The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten-Free: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed and Nearly Normal Cooking For Gluten-Free Eating: A Fresh Approach to Cooking and Living Without Wheat or Gluten.

As a Celiac herself, I find her books to be very relevant, informative, and easy to read. She seems extremely knowledgeable and eager to share what she has learned.

Not only is she an author, but she travels the country speaking and teaching cooking classes, has a website, newsletter and a whole line of products branded Jules’ Gluten Free.

My favorite gluten free flour blend is from her books, although I believe she has improved upon the original ratios, adding Espandex to the version you can buy now.

I have made many of her recipes and they really do work. Her flour blend is the closest thing I have found as a cup for cup replacement for all-purpose white flour.

So the great news: for a limited time Jules is offering a free cookie e-book, featuring 11 cookie recipes and full color photos. I have used her free codes on several occasions, and although free seems too good to be true, they really are free; and best of all the recipes really work!

Here is the link and the coupon code is cookie1 (it is case sensitive). Enjoy.


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