Whoopie Pie Pan

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April 3, 2010 by Flora Dawn

Sur La Table, my very favorite store. This is a Seattle based company specializing in all things kitchen. The company originated as in the 1970’s, specializing in hard to find kitchen wares imported from France. If you need a special kitchen item for yourself or a gift, Sur La Table is the place you’ll find it.

So, last week I stopped by my local store to buy a cast iron tortilla press, my plastic one broke. Not only did I find my tortilla press, but I found a Whoopie Pie Pan. It is very similar to the Chicago Metallic Gourmetware Original Muffin Top Pan that seems to be very popular right now.

I chose the Wilton Whoopie Pie pan because it is nonstick, has 12 spaces, and was less expensive than the very similar, smaller, muffin-top pans.

I must confess, I have never even had a Whoopie Pie. I am planning on trying to adapt the recipe that was included to make it gluten free though.

I have successfully used my pan to make uniform hamburger buns. If you have ever made gluten free hamburger buns or rolls, then you know that they need something to give them shape. I have used mini-tart pans and mini-disposable foil pie plates, but the whoopie pie pan was so much easier!

The pan makes a dozen cute little rolls, perfect for a sandwich, sloppy-joe, or hamburger. Now, I must warn you, these aren’t going to be those huge, gourmet style buns bakeries and grocery stores sell. These will be more modest, but adequately sized rolls.

A roll I made with my whoopie pie pan makes a cute sandwich

Individual-sized frittatas I cooked in the whoopie pie pan

I also baked frittatas and cookies in the pan. Gluten free cookies have a tendency to spread, this pan solves this problem and makes the cookies a perfect size for ice cream sandwiches.

I think this pan could also be used for mini-quiches, souffles, brownies, and of course whoopie pies or muffins. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to gluten free baked goods spreading, you should consider buying a whoopie pie or muffin-top pan.


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