Authentic Foods Brown Rice Flour Superfine Review


March 29, 2010 by Flora Dawn

Although I have had some gluten free baking successes, I am not baking up a storm. As much as I like sweets, I am making a conscious effort to limit our baked goods; this is easier on our waists and wallet. However, when I do choose to bake, I want ingredients that will really perform, so I have decided to post about my favorite ingredients.

Authentic Foods is a company that specializes is wheat free and gluten free products, specifically baking mixes and flours. According to their website, it was founded by a man who has a degree in biochemistry and has also been a successful restaurant owner.

I first heard of Authentic Foods’ flour products in Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts (cookbook review here). She highly recommends both their superfine brown rice flour and superfine sweet rice flour. I looked them up (they have a very informative website with product information, recipes and even a blog) but decided they were too expensive and went about making a few of the recipes in her book.

I was extremely disappointed with my results. So, a few months later I decided to track down her suggested flours. I had to go to the company website and locate a store in my area that carried it.

The results: Yes folks, the Authentic Foods Brown Rice Flour Superfine does work better in baked goods than ordinary brown rice flour. My baked goods were not crumbly, dry, nor did they have that “rice” taste. The recipes in Roberts’ cookbook now turned out fabulous.

At around $12 for a 3 pound bag, this isn’t cheap flour, but it is very, very good flour for you gluten free baking needs. I feel like baking with brown rice flour is a healthy choice and it is worth the extra money to get amazing gluten free desserts.

I think spending the extra money, even if you have to pay the outrageous shipping costs, is really money well spent. Baking gluten free can be very frustrating and finding ingredients that really work is essential. I highly recommend that you get a some superfine flours from Authentic Foods, I think the results will amaze you.

Has anyone else used Authentic Foods Superfine Flours? Or is there another must-have product for gluten free baking?


One thought on “Authentic Foods Brown Rice Flour Superfine Review

  1. […] solution to this problem is to use a superfine brown rice flour. I have never tried it, but my sister has and loves it. I have not tried the superfine rice flours mainly because of the cost of it. It is more expensive […]

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