Food Revolution


March 25, 2010 by Flora Dawn

Not only do I love food and cooking, I am a big advocate for cooking from scratch and reclaiming a healthy diet. I really think we have an unhealthy obsession in our country right now with frugal, convenience foods.

Everywhere I look, there are articles about how to eat cheaper, quicker meals. These processed foods may save us some time and money, but they are costing us our health. I think we really underestimate how nutritionally poor we eat in this country. There seems to be a major misconception that the only way to eat within a budget, or have meals on the table quickly, is to use processed foods.

You may have heard of Jamie Oliver, sometimes called the “Naked Chef.” He is a British chef who really likes food simple, stripped down (hence the naked part), nutritious, and best of all affordable. Well, he is on a mission to change the way we eat; he’s calling it a Food Revolution.

Much like the Unites States, Great Britain is undergoing an epidemic of diet-related health problems. Oliver is trying to spread the word about how simple and affordable cooking from scratch can be and I couldn’t be happier. Cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be a huge chore and it can be really fun and rewarding for the entire family.

He has a new show on ABC on Friday nights called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution that I think will be not only informative, but fun as well. The premiere will air this Friday, March 26th. Here is Jamie’s website with recipes, tips, techniques and tons of information; he also has an American site.

If you have never looked at one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks or seen him on television before, I can assure you that he is both insightful and witty. I hope that the show is a huge success and that we really can have a Food Revolution in this country.


3 thoughts on “Food Revolution

  1. Penny G says:

    I’m not familiar with Jamie Oliver, but it sounds like an interesting show…my DVR is set!

  2. Ilene says:

    This should be a show to watch or, like Penny, set my DVR. I am sure that
    it will be helpful and insightful to the viewers. Also the cookbook
    you recommended sounds like one that would be worth checking from the
    library and trying out. Bet we find it is one that will be worth the
    money. Thanks Flora for the good resources you tell us about.

  3. Flora says:

    Being able to record tv is so nice. And, yes, I think checking out cookbooks at the library is a wonderful thing to do if they are available in your area.

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