Rice Cooker


March 15, 2010 by Flora Dawn

I had a cheap rice cooker once and I was never quite satisfied with it. It ended up in the garbage and for years I made rice on the stove top.

Well, we went gluten free and I had to rethink this. First of all, we eat a LOT more rice now. We also eat almost exclusively brown rice, which takes a long time to cook, so someone has to be in the kitchen for way longer than reasonable, watching the rice. And perhaps the most important reason, I want really good tasting rice, rice with nice texture, cooked to perfection, and if the rest of the meal isn’t quite ready, it needs to stay warm.

Well, apparently what I needed all these years was a fancy, programmable rice cooker; one that had setting for both brown and white rice and had a warming feature. I had no idea rice cookers had come so far.

When I saw a programmable rice cooker Aroma ARC-1000 Professional Rice Cooker/Food Steamer at Costco for around $30 I threw it in my cart and I have been thankful ever since.

I really think any family could use a nice rice cooker, but it truly is essential for a gluten free family.You can cook a large batch of rice with very little effort and keep it warm until needed. You’ll have leftovers for breakfast, lunch or dinner the next day, which is so convenient.

The texture and taste are far superior to anything I ever produced with my cheap rice cooker or on the stove top. Just read the directions, the little measuring cup that comes with it is not equivalent to our 1 cup measuring cup, so be sure to keep it. I also cook quinoa on the white rice setting and it turns out perfect every time.

Having a programmable, reliable rice cooker may not solve all our gluten free cooking woes, but it does make living and cooking gluten free a lot easier. A programmable rice cooker is definitely a gluten free kitchen essential. Does anyone else have a kitchen item they find essential since eating gluten free?


One thought on “Rice Cooker

  1. How about baking your own breads using automatic bread makers at home. Some have the option for that special gluten free bread.
    Also I use my rice cooker to steam veggies before adding to stir fry for quick dinner.

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