Freezing Bananas

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February 20, 2010 by Flora Dawn

My family eats a lot of bananas. And if you buy a  lot of bananas, inevitably you have over ripe bananas. What do you do with ripe bananas if you don’t want to use them right away?  I freeze them.  It works best to use the really ripe ones. I prefer to peel them first, if you don’t, they turn a very dark brown and get pretty mushy. You can freeze them whole in a freezer bag and just take out the necessary amount as needed. They take a couple hours to defrost, or you can use the microwave; they do get very soft, but they still work wonderfully in muffins, cakes and quick breads. If you chop the bananas into bit-size pieces before freezing, they’ll be the perfect size to throw in milkshakes and smoothies.

If you are trying to really stretch your grocery budget, buy the marked down bags of bananas when you see them. I was able to get 20 bananas for around $2 and I would never have been able to use them all up if I didn’t freeze some.

Bargain Bananas

Ready to go into freezer


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